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Hagen's Siliconised Baking Parchment Paper

Hagen's Siliconised Baking Parchment Paper

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Hagen's Siliconised Baking Parchment Papers are high quality, non-stick siliconised paper that is designed to be used in your oven. Whether you're baking or roasting, this paper will ensure your food will not stick to it, making it easy for you to retrieve it when done. They're high heat resistant, ensurring that you won't experience any smoke or burning at normal baking temperatures. These papers are also ideal for ensuring that your food is protected from moisture and grease.

You'll forget ever using wax paper after experiencing this!


Brand: Hagen's

Product: Siliconised Baking Parchment Paper


  • 300mm x 10m
  • 450mm x 100m


  • Both sides SILICONED
  • High heat resistant, low surface energy, Non-stick.
  • No smoke or burn at normal baking temperatures.
  • Ideal as a protective wrapping or interleave for moisture sensitive items such as food, and as a greaseproof wrapping for fried food, as well liner for trays, pans and containers.


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