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Magimix Bread Improver Yellow (500g)

Magimix Bread Improver Yellow (500g)

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Magimix Yellow Bread Improver is an extra softening agent specifically tailored for Filipino soft breads, such as ensaymada. You'll get a soft elastic crumb, plus breads that will stay fresh longer because of Magimix's anti-staling properties. Add to your flour before mixing and see its magic work!


– Adds extra softness to your breads.
– Produces a soft elastic crumb in all types of baked products.
– Provides longer lasting freshness with anti-staling properties.
– Tailored for Filipino soft breads, such as Ensaymada and others.


– 0.4% of flour weight (4g for every 1kg of flour)


– Incorporate Magimix Yellow directly into the flour prior to mixing.

EXP: February 28, 2025


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